Kinetia is a company specialized in software development focused on the integration of IT solutions and business strategies. We offer personalized enterprise applications, depending on the needs of each client. Due to the great flexibility of our scheme, excellence and training of our team, we focus both on the corporate market and the SME segment. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of the productive activities of our clients, and a reduction in their costs so that they can meet the challenges imposed by a changing market.

    The experience in national and multinational context of our team and the costs differentiation that we offer in comparison to the market, make us an excellent choice when optimizing resources towards greater productivity.


    Kinetia Mobile is dedicated to the design and development of mobile solutions and Android J2ME ®. Both the Java programming language and Android ® can write programs and run them on different devices, with the advantage of a great versatility and very desirable features in small devices environments.

    We know the need for instant information and the comfort that mobile devices provide, so these solutions are vital tools in today's economic strategies. Therefore, we offer our development services to both companies that need mobile applications for internal use, and for those who want to market your products / services on a mobile platform.


    Kinetia is dedicated to project management using agile methodologies (Scrum, XP). We accompany our customers in the training of their team, and inversion of control responsibilities as learning happen.

    We offer lectures and courses delivered by experts in advanced technologies and know-how transfer, targeting the needs of each company.

    By taking advantage of the benefits of new technologies, we add value to the internal company processes with two main goals: improvement and efficiency. So that our clients are constantly updated and present in the market as advanced companies.



To offer our customers the best solutions that integrate advanced tools and business development in order to become more competitive in the market.

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To position as a strategic partner of our customers in the way of respect the highest degrees of quality to allow become us leaders in software development and implementation for new technologies.
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  • Constant training and specialization
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Research and Innovation
  • Multidisciplinary Analysis
  • Flexibility and responsively to change
  • Commitment and Social Responsibility